New work targeting modern working environments

The pace of development is accelerating and conditions are becoming more dynamic. Adaptive and action-oriented work environments form the pillars of an ecosystem. Attractive workplaces are increasingly becoming a key element of the hybrid new world of work.

Strategic value creation

Strategic value creation

For companies in a highly competitive labour market, the working environment has become a key success factor. The design of the work landscape helps shape the combined interior-exterior focus. A strategic approach to imagining new office spaces or rethinking old ones achieves added value over the property’s full life cycle.

These days, great design just isn’t enough: the only way to add value is to connect to company culture and workflow through an attractive design concept.

Stefanie Wandiger ,
Integral design-build AG
The on-brand workplace

The on-brand workplace

In achieving a new working environment, we work with you to define the vision and goals of the updated workplace concept. We use functional analysis to determine which areas and modules will be needed in the future based on working methods and processes. Socio-emotional analysis combines brand identity and the lived company culture to lend a clear strategic orientation to the design concept.

Services and sectors


  • Analysing trends and markets
  • Clarifying needs
  • Orienting construction and technology
  • Developing utilisation and co-working strategies
  • Creating a workplace strategy
  • Estimating costs
  • Developing guidelines

Design and construction

  • Planning and engineering, interior architecture in 3D
  • Cost calculation
  • Timetable
  • Construction management and execution

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Industry segments

  • Corporations
  • SMEs
  • Co-working operations
  • Real estate marketers
  • Real estate developers